• Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Educational Institution
  • Industries

  • Benefits

  • Reduces break down maintenance
  • Reduces the risky maintenance involved
  • Lot of savings in the maintenance cost
  • Improves quality and production of the end product

  • Speciality

  • Can be tailor made for specific customer needs.


  • All our thermal systems can be made Internet of things(IOT ) enabled with our remote monitoring systems.
  • GPRS system from Quectel is used for transmitting various data like temperature, pressure, weight , flow values , energy consumption , system status and timer values to web servers.
  • The system can be monitored remotely and operational commands / control can be given with the smart phone from any part of the world.
  • The system is handy for plant engineering and maintenance team avoiding breakdown maintenance and lot of cost involved in it.
  • Further programming for data analysis and artificial intelligence can be done on requirement basis.