Tirupur Textile Industry -Danavarshini & Ashwath – Concentrated Solar Technology(CST) Pioneers

With more and more Indian companies particularly textile units adopting Industry best practices ,automation of machinery ,standard production process there is very less that can differentiate them from their competitors.

Global and Indian manufacturing companies are shifting their focus to Sustainable Energy to give them the edge.

Sustainable energy adoption results in less fuel over heads which again as a direct impact(Positive) on their bottom line.

It is true that for winning in a competitive market we have to reduce overheads. Here in Greenera Our primary focus is to help reduce our customers fuel overheads.

Our specialization in case of Sustainable energy market is CSP- concentrated solar power with parabolic troughs for process heat.

Most of the process heat requirement in any industry requires steam. This is no different in textile industry Right from yarn, dyeing to garment finishing this industry requires steam. Here is a success story of two Textile units who have successfully embraced Solar Technology for their process heat requirements..
Tirupur is one of the famous cities in India which is well developed and Industrialized.It is a major textile and knit wear hub.The textile industry provides employment to over six lakh people and has an annual turnover of 220 billion Rupees. Of this, nearly 120 billion rupees comes from export. It has thousands of production units with various capacity.

The textile industry process includes Cleaning, Blending, weaving, knitting,scouring, bleaching, Dyeing, printing , compacting , Finishing etc., Almost all the processes require (process) heat in one form or the other. The main sources for the steam are Diesel fired boilers, LPG fired boilers & electric heater boilers. Continuous price hikes in LPG, Diesel and (Un)availability of electric power has considerably increased the fuel over heads for the Tiruppur Textile Industry.

Our focus has been on the final process of the textile industry garment finishing which requires steam in its purest form.

The garment pressing is done using steam before packaging for export. It requires 150ºC of saturated steam.

We have been working with two leading textile manufacturing and exporting companies namely  Dhanavarshini  Export Pvt Ltd &  Aswath Inc who have been the pioneers to adopt CSP Technology in Tirupur and have taken the initiative to go for green to increase their profit margin.

In case of both the companies, most of their production process is during the day. We set up and integrated our direct steam generation parabolic troughs with electric & Diesel boiler on their roofs with single axis tracking. At present each of this system delivers around 100KG stem per day. At the current rate, this system should be able to pay for itself within 2 years.

Another perspective or from a social & Environment point of view each company has started reducing CO2 emission by 47 kg per day and saves about 18 liter Diesel per day- which is an important depleting source of energy.

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