Greenera – A Journey in making

I fall under one of the categories that Harvard Business Review prescribes as the reason for venturing “Out”

Over the past decade or so in my current field, I sense that the experience and knowledge that I have gained has changed me. The Job that I previously enjoyed suddenly seems to be stale. Something’s wrong and I cannot put my finger on what is causing this. Spending 14 to 16 hour days in front of the computer, hooked up to the phone and in war rooms should have resulted in some progression over the years. You expect it . But not so, only that now my job title has changed and am dealing at a different level still hooked up to the phone and in bigger war rooms.

I have been wondering if a small change or major shift would re energize me. My inner consciousness has been screaming it is time for a change. Steering clearly away from the rat race, I was inclined to survey the landscape and climb the tallest mountain rather than getting busy scaling the first peak that I stumble upon(Premature optimization)

Over the course of last year ,as a result of exploring different options, I have been interacting with people from different walks of life and have learnt a lot (Much more than what I did over the last 12+ years). When you want to do something different in your life, you will be surprised with the options that flood your mind and mailbox for that matter.

Eventually me zeroing in on Greenera was no mere accident. This is going to be a long journey. But a journey worth spending my time in with talented and motivated team members.

I strongly believe that “it is the Travel experience that matters most than your final destination in a long journey”.

Over the course of this life , we make lot of trips/journeys during different stages of life.Some sequential and some in parallel with others. Some for a small duration, others for a longer duration. If you take a moment to reflect on these journeys some of them will clearly stand out – Schooling(, College days, Initial work days, Marriage etc., If you reflect on them , it is not the end that has made you wiser or it is not the end that makes you nostalgic or contended for that matter. It is in fact the actual journey that amounts to anything of importance. It applies to the small journeys , long journeys and the ultimate journey of “birth to death” as well.

I have got into this long voyage with Vijay, Saravanan ,Moorthy and Valli as my fellow passengers and crew members. This is going to be the biggest journey of our life and with all the wisdom that I have gained in my 27 years(The first 8 years did not amount to anything ;-) ) of life , I would like to indicate again “I care less about the destination, It is the experience that matters to me the most.”. This is the principle that would be governing my engagement with GreenEra.


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