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At Greenera we have been engaging in research and development of novel, cost effective and high quality parabolic trough concentrators for Industrial process heat requirements. To begin with our objective was to develop durable, easy to use parabolic trough collectors with reasonable payback period even against the firewood and coal.
  • Greenera’s SG1000 is a high performance concentrating solar Thermal system which can be used in Industrial process heat applications
  • SG1000 has been designed in house innovating on the parabolic trough technology to significantly reduce the cost and improve the performance of the system

Special Features of SG1000

  1. Fully enclosed and sealed collector modules making it well protected from environment, easy for maintenance and cleaning
  2. Complete seclusion of mirrors from the wind load increasing its durability and acceptance angle even during heavy wind conditions
  3. Optimised aperture width to focus ratio for highest wind load bearing capacity
  4. Durable PVD coated mirrors with 10 years warranty
  5. Cost effective tracking system with our indigenously developed  zero backlash gearboxes
  6. Cost effective receiver system using novel manufacturing technique
  7. Receivers designed for direct steam generation without any exchanger and secondary circuit
  8. Meticulously manufactured to achieve high built quality and durability

Advantages of SG1000

    1. Significant Cost reduction with pay back period of 3 to 6 years
    2. Plug and play with all kinds of boilers without any major changes
    3. 10 years of weather proof guarantee for reflectors
    4. Stackable in length and breadth wise
    5. Greater savings in firewood
    6. Microcontroller based single axis tracking for consistent output
    7. Effective utilization of space
    8. Less maintenance and negligible operating cost
    9. Energy security for future and sustainable environment
    10. Hybridized solution to account for gloomy days
    11. Single Axis tracker
    12. Fast Assembly


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